Big Sur 11.7.9

How to set your Mac to use Hideez Bluetooth Dongle on Big Sur:

Please, follow every step carefully, each one has its own meaning.

Step 1

Delete all paired devices in the list of Bluetooth devices.

Step 2

Insert the Dongle into the USB port and restart your Mac.

Step 3

Send a special command to the system through the terminal (command line), which allows the system to use the Hideez Dongle by default for Bluetooth devices.
Enter the following command in the Terminal window:
sudo nvram bluetoothHostControllerSwitchBehavior=always
Then you'll need to enter the password from your Mac account and press Enter.

Step 4

Restart your Mac.
The next time you turn on your computer, please pull out and insert the Dongle into the USB port, and the system will use the Hideez Dongle.
If the Hideez Dongle is plugged in, the system will use it for your Bluetooth devices, and if it is not available, it will reconnect the Bluetooth devices to the system adapter.
Note! The connection may be unstable on macOS Monterey. If you have been unable to connect your Bluetooth dongle even after following all of the steps provided, please refer to our troubleshooting guide or reach out to us for assistance. Our agent will reply to you by email within 24 hours.
The re-pairing process only needs to be done once, and your Bluetooth devices will be remembered. You will need to set up the dongle once, and all settings will be saved for future use.

How to check which Bluetooth your Mac is using now?

After you set it all up, you can check that the Dongle is really connected and ready to work.

For macOS up to Big Sur, open up the Apple menu and click “About This Mac” to get started.

In the About This Mac window, click the “System Report” button on the “Overview” tab.
The information about your Bluetooth will be here, and the Manufacturer should be the same as on one of the screenshots:
Hideez USB Bluetooth Dongle
Hideez USB Bluetooth Dongle