About Hideez Dongle
Use cases and requirements for using Hideez USB Bluetooth Dongle
Hideez Dongle is a special accessory for: - adding Bluetooth 4.0 to Mac and Windows PCs that are not Bluetooth 4.0 compatible - replacing internal Bluetooth connection that's not stable/sufficient enough Works perfectly with the Hideez Key 3 and Hideez Key 4.
BLE Technology Bluetooth Low Energy allows your devices to remain paired to each other without a continual stream of data being transferred, decreasing power consumption on both Hideez Key and your PC.
High compatibility Hideez Dongle works with macOS and Windows 10 laptops or desktop computers via a standard USB 2.0 or 3.0 port.
​Windows and Mac setup is only needed if you want to use Hideez Dongle as a standalone analogy to your internal Bluetooth.
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