Disabling the Internal Bluetooth

Disabling the Internal Adapter:

Step 1: Identify the Bluetooth Device ID

  • Open the terminal.

  • Enter the following command to list your USB devices:

bashCopy codelsusb
  • You will see a list of connected devices similar to the example below (your list will differ)

Identify the internal Bluetooth device. In this example, it is the Broadcom Corp. BCM2046B1 USB 2.0 Hub with the vendor ID 0a5c and product ID 4500.

Step 2: Create a Udev Rule to Disable the Internal Bluetooth Device

  • Create a new file named 81-bluetooth-hci.rules in the /etc/udev/rules.d directory by running the following command in the terminal:

sudo nano /etc/udev/rules.d/81-bluetooth-hci.rules
  • Add the following content to the file, replacing 0a5c and 4500 with the vendor ID and product ID of your internal Bluetooth device:

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0a5c", ATTRS{idProduct}=="4500", ATTR{authorized}="0"

Make sure to save the file by pressing Ctrl+X, then Y, and Enter.

Step 3: Reboot the Computer

  • Restart your computer to apply the changes.

sudo reboot

After rebooting, the internal Bluetooth device should be disabled.

Now you can come back to the previous step and configure Hideez Dongle as an external Bluetooth adapter.

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